The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation (WBWF) proudly collaborates with the Virginia Army National Guard ACUB program, at Ft. Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia. The Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB) is a program funded by the Army and Department of Defense, for the purpose of establishing buffer areas around Army installations.

The goal of the Fort Pickett ACUB program is to limit the effects of encroachment, and to maximize the use of the land inside installation boundaries in support of the installation's mission. To that end, the ACUB program targets thousands of acres around Ft. Pickett to preserve land to ultimately sustain their military mission. Working through third party, non-governmental and non-profit conservation organizations, ACUB helps local landowners tap into state and federal tax incentive programs. ACUB also provides local landowners with direct cash payment for the purchase of conservation easements on their land.

The Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation brings a personal approach to this partnership by way of providing experience in natural resources, cultural resources, and land management. Together, WBWF and ACUB produce a formidable team as they work with landowners to prevent encroachment, encourage conservation easements, and promote compatible use of land between the Army and the community. The Fort Pickett ACUB program's example of maximizing "cooperative conservation" serves as a model for ACUB programs nationwide.

The WBWF would like to thank the Virginia Army National Guard for their leadership and service to our country.

"We could not train without our ACUB and the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. Saving surrounding land preserves not only the beauty of Southside Virginia, but also the ability to realistically train our young service men and women to defend this country. It is a win win program." - Weisnicht, David B LTC NGVA

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