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Rocky Mountain High | Volume 1, Part 2

Volume I, Part 2     Perhaps you were not a fan of John Denver’s 1970s, folk-country music, but one line of his signature song is still engrained in my mind after all these years: “I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly, Rocky Mountain high.” If you enjoy […]

Return of the Wapiti | Volume 1, Part 1

Volume 1, Part 1 Return of the Wapiti The Cove, core properties of the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation (in rural Halifax County, Virginia), is located on the southeastern fringe of the, now extinct, Eastern sub-species of the North American elk’s geographical range. As irregular visitors to that country, adolescent bulls, in wanderlust, likely etched hoof-prints […]

Ward’s Journal Episode 1

Ward reflects on his youth when he spent time in a converted tobacco barn in rural Halifax County, Virginia. The cabin belonged to his close friend and mentor, C.R Sanders. This log structure played an important part in Ward’s life growing up as he and his friends explored the wooded areas of the county. Many […]