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Get to know your wetlands

Ward narrates this video overlooking the wetlands on Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation property and talks about the habitat that wetlands provide. He talks about the benefits of the Wetland Restoration Program or WRP administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

An Early Bloomer: Skunk Cabbage

Whenever we go out for a walk in the great outdoors, most of us have a tendency to focus on wildlife. Birds, butterflies, and mammals naturally capture our attention with color and motion. For those willing to investigate, the plant world offers some truly amazing natural history, too. Take for example, skunk cabbage. As perennials, […]

Fire – Friend and Foe (Part II)

As disastrous as wildfires can be, such phenomena remain an integral part of the planet’s natural ecology – especially when it come to the health of our soil, streams, grasslands, forests, and wildlife resources. Many people consider all wildfire negative, whereas the opposite is true. Long before humans reached the North American continent, wildfires raged […]

Fire – Friend or Foe (Part 1)

A few days ago, I received a request to write a blog regarding a very sensitive subject – fire and the natural environment. The recent wildfires in California, and the associated loss of human life and personal property, makes such a task quite challenging. The 153,336-acre Camp Fire resulted in 85 fatalities, over 18,000 structures […]