Virginia Department of Forestry | Loblolly Pine Site Prep and Site Release

Today I am with the Virginia Department of Forestry, an agency that offers countless resources and tools for landowners and wildlife stewards. Today we have completed two projects with the help of the Department of Forestry here in Virginia, a loblolly pine site release and a site prep. Today I am joined by Peter Eales and Trevor Simmons, two members of the department’s staff. Both Trevor and Peter explain the reasoning behind the site prep and site release concerning not only loblolly pine plantings, but the wildlife and habitat of the area as well.
Ensuring our objectives are met with scientifically sound resources and tools,  is one of the most important things we as landowners should do concerning the use and management of our land. In the case of today’s video, we are choosing to use an aerial herbicide application of arsenal to get rid of some of the competing hardwoods such as maple and locust. This application will “clean the slate” so to speak, releasing existing plantings or prep a site for genetically superior pine plantings. It is important to keep in mind that this application cleans the slate for early successional vegetation and forbs as well. These early successional pioneer species provide food and cover for wildlife!
To find out more on the tools and resources available to Virginia landowners visit the Virginia Department of Forestry’s Website.